Thursday, May 4, 2006

Thursday 13

Inspired by a question about being able to learn & become proficient @ new skills as an adult.....

Thirteen Things I have Learned as an Adult:

1. Crochet. I have made lots of ponchos, a few afghans, hats, scarves, baby 'Mary Janes', bookmarks. I've also learned to read crochet patterns.

2. Sew. I took a costuming class in college but never sewed again until last year. I can produce wearable items for dd & I & really cute purses. Also cloth books are easy to sew & I've made lots of those.

3. The differences between men & women, mothers & fathers, husbands & wives.

4. To be joyful, content, tactful & self-controlled.

5. 'What I'm made of'.

6. Refinish furniture. I've also decoritively painted a few pieces.

7. How to care for a newborn, toddler, youngster & am currently learning how to care for a teen.

8. How to be selfless.

9. How to forgive.

10. How to cook, a little, we don't starve. I can make deliscious Puerto Rican rice. (it's a secret family recipe too! ;o) )

11. Bargain shop.

12. To be a great lover to my DH. {hey it DID take plenty of practice & studying! ;o)}

13. The value of a good facial moisturizer.


  1. You go girl! Great list! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I don't know why "NEW" didn't pop up next to your name on my blog...I will have to keep checking even when it doesn't say that. I hope you have a GREAT weekend. Isn't it great to celebrate all the things we keep learning???


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