Monday, May 1, 2006

Weekend Update

Down to the wire. That's how it went.

All business orders MUST be placed by 9:oo pm PST on the last day of the month to be counted for the month. I was very close to hitting my personal goal to maintain managerial status AND be promoted to the next level. My team sales were OVER $11,000.00 I had 5 min to get a minimum of $42 in to qualify!

I did it! Whew! It was exciting. I had a great party Friday night, dream hostess & it was ony 6 miles away. That party ended up being over $1200.00, which is exactly how much more I needed to qualify for the month, but on Friday night, it was only up to $800.

Saturday I had another party, but it was a little bit farther, less people & started way later. The guests were nice though, so I did a 'speed show'. I made that up. lol I do not do a regular full presentation but allowed the guests to choose something specefic they want to know about & then demo it & a few other related products. It works for parties that run late or they want to make it quick.

Sunday morning, we had a planning meeting for our annual convention. We met @ the hotel to view the facilites, they are gorgeous. I can't wait.

Sunday night was church, I almost didn't go but decided against staying home for no good reason except feeling tired & lazy. Again, as always, I am very glad I went.

The ktbunch stayed w/ SIL for the first time ever on Saturday night. I was in a bind & SIL offered to watch them (she did not know I was in a bind)....she has offered many times before but for some reason, I am suspiscious, not sure why. She has a dd same age as L & a ss same age as E.....& her H was there as well. They had lots of fun.

I loaned her my digi camera for a school project & since it is not in my possesion, of course all I can think of are all the pix I want to take & have yet to upload.

Since dh works the weekends, our weekend are really during the week.

Thursday we went to CA Adventure. I LOVE having these annual passes. We take it easy & there's no rushing. We decided to go after Dh came back from his morning of tennis & L & I returned from her dr. appt. I haven't heard anything yet so it might be safe to assume she has no infection?

They've got a few cool interactive exhibits. This one we found Thurs. is a 'drawing class'. They give you paper & everything & then teach you how to draw a Disney Character. The one for Thursday was Goofy. Even L, our almsot 4 yo did a great job. Each of thier drawings came out really good looking.

Since I hit my bonus this month, I think I will plan on taking the ktbunch to LegoLand this month, we've had their tix since it's as good a time as ever! And they deserve it too. I made sure to tell them how much I appreciate them & how they helped mommy w/ her business by being obedient & respectful by not bothering mommy when I am on business phone calls & respecting when the door is closed that I am 'doing business'. I told them they they will get a special surprise this month. I did not tell them what but it will be the trip to Lego Land.

A great ending for the month & weekend. ;o)

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  1. Good for you! Glad you met your quota! Lego land? I bet that would be cool to visit!


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