Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Ways I Save $$$ on/for Gas
1. Stay Home
2. Walk
3. Ride a bike
4. Rollerblade
5. Don't buy Starbucks (you're 'drinking' a gallon & half!)
6. Order 'delivery', the tip is less than what you'd spend to 'pick-up'.
7. Cancel your gym membership (all that walking, who needs a gym?)
8. Have a yard sale to get rid of all those clothes that are too big now due to all the bike riding!
9. Sell the tv that your too busy walking everywhere, to watch.
10. Sell all the work-out videos & DVD's that you also don't need.
11. Get a golf cart.
12. Organize a return to hitchhiking!
13. Move to Venice, where they row gondolas instead.



    I love it!

    My TT is up too!

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