Monday, June 26, 2006

Over heard @ the library.....

An older woman was telling her adult daughter, who was in the children's section w/ her 2 dd's....

"Those children are very well behaved."

She was talking about MINE. ;o)

It was SO encouraging.

A little before that I left 6yo w/ 13.5 yo in the children's section & took my 4yo w/ me to the other side of the library to look for a book. She didn't really want to go w/ me but I told her I wanted her to go w/ me to help me find a book then we'd come back.

It was so funny too because there was a chair @ the end of row & she sat down & she said: Is this the time out chair? lol I thought it was funny because we don't really do 'time-out' & cause it was @ the library. I told her it could be a TO chair & she asked me if I needed a time out. Not smart or anything, just matter of factly. {I told her sometimes I think so. lol} Then she was like: I think it's a time out chair, I'm gonna have a time out & she sat there....for a moment.

She seemed to be moving around me way too much for my comfort level so I gave her a book to look @ while she sat down, a book about sewing purses & bags & I told her to look @ it to see if there were any bags she thought she would like. But then she wanted to show me every page. lol

Then she kinda laid across the chair, stomach down & I told her to please stop that because it was not lady like & a lady always sits nicely. She was wearing a dress. She said, ok momma & sat correctly. (I LOVE when she says that!)

Then we went back to the children's section w/ the boys...& she & S started to pick out some books & that was when I heard the woman.

I am SO encouraged because, honestly, my dd, the youngest, I have not trained properly & have been trying to crack down & step up the training & be on her & make a point of enjoying her too. (& she JUST started this pouty thing where she sticks out her lip! ggrrr! )

It was quite the encouragement I needed.

Thank God! Sincerely. :o)

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  1. Isn't it nice when someone else notices???? I remember getting a compliment like that one time in a restaurant and I thought I would fall off my chair. It was obvious the person had not heard just about every other word out of our mouths....elbows off the table! chew with your mouth closed! be kind to your brother!

    It's nice to get affirmations...tuck it away in your BLESSING file for a day when they aren't being so nice to each other! ;-)


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