Thursday, June 22, 2006

Summer FOOD!

I went grocery shopping today, it was a BIG trip. Our cart was full. (thanks to pay day! lol)

I was reminded of how much I love summer & all the yummylisciousness that goes w/ it.

Lots of fresh fruits, chips & salsa (my favorite summer lunch!) , cold pasta salads w/ Italian dressing (my favorite summer dinner!)...mmmm.....hamburgers, hotdogs, drippy big sticks that color your lips & tongue orange-red.

We 'officially' have summer school this summer...but that's ok. I looked @ the city calenders for all the FREE community events, concerts in the parks, outdoor movies @ dusk. I marked my calnder for the movies & concerts. Even free movies during the week days @
AMC & Regal Cinemas.

The wading pools are open, one of our favorite parks (even though it has NO shade! hmph!) has a sprinkler play system that my littles LOVE!

I'm ready to get in the groove. I told DH that we WILL HAVE to get back into camping, we didn't go @ all last year & I miss it, our family misses it, we NEED it.

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