Friday, June 23, 2006

Summer Goals

After grocery shopping, I started thinking about how fast this summer may go by, doesn't it always? I want to keep track of what we actually DO, so that is one keep track. HA!

But I also want to accomplish a few things as well.

Ok so here's my list:
1) sew a big picnic blanket from my old holey towels, hopefully finished before end of July.
2) crochet a beach bag from recycled plastic grocery bags, also hopefully done in time to actually use @ the beach!
3) finish a crochet poncho I began for MYSELF!
4) finish cleaning out/organizing extra room to be a den/playroom/study room
5) paint kids rooms
6) have outings w/ ktbunch @ least 1x a week
7) get oldest through summer school& caught up for next year.
8) get middle little finished up w/ school work & ready to start next levels for upcoming school year (this is not a requirement but something I want to do)
9) get all curriculum returned by due dates
10) create RELAXING summer memories

Figured I'd just make it an even 10! ;o)
I'll list them AS I accomplish them.

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  1. Great will have to post pics when you finish some of these projects, you know!!! I hate it when Internet goes down or something happens in middle of posting.

    Have a GREAT weekend and enjoy those kiddos!!


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