Monday, June 5, 2006

Weekend Update!

Friday was my dad's birthday. He's 52. We went to eat @ the restaurant where my brother eats, we always go there. They serve Australian food? Lots of fried ect. My parents were nice enough to treat us since I was/am kinda broke.

We bought my dad a t-shirt w/ an old fashioned station attendant on it & it says: I got Gas. It's funny, in a number of ways.

Saturday I had my "President's Club Luncheon" for my Direct Sales was @ Macaroni Grill, I had lasagna---oh! It was SO delish!!!! I kind of don't like all the requirements & the perks aren't really to worth it but they kind of are....we did not get our business care package so that was disappointing. The company pays for the lunch though. We also got to see & give opinions on some new products, that was exciting. I LOVE giving my OPINION! lol

When I came home, I got the bright idea to FINALLY move oldest back into the littles bedroom. I want them all sharing a room to sleep & then the extra room can be for all the toys. I'd like to move a desk in there too, right now we have 2 in the living room. I think it might help lil e w/ his schoolwork because he said that it is sometimes distracting for him w/ the littles running around.

We cleared out under the littles bed & there is plenty of room for ds mattress to go under, like a trundle. What I didn't realize was that ds bed needs a special tool to take it apart. Had I known that when I started this adventure, I would not have started! The new & improved bedroom looks ok...the 'old' bedroom/soon to be spare room--not so good but we did make plenty of progress. Don't know when I'll get the chance to finish up this project.

Sunday was my aunt's birthday. (dad's sister) My cousin made her surprise 'dinner'. It was more like late lunch or early dinner, linner? HA! I didn't stay very long, I would have liked too. We met up @ my parent's home first & then went to auntie's from there.

unfortunately, the 'child-molester' was there & I knew E would kill me if he knew that I stayed. I was in a bind. E has given me instruction in the past that the ktbunch & I are NOT to be there if the 'child-molester' is there. I did not want to make a big scene w/ my family & there was no way to gracefully get out of it or make an excuse now, since we all came from my parents house.

I let my brother know that E would kill me if I I did fudge a little & compromised. We ALL stayed in the backyard in the patio. I did not allow the ktbunch into the house & 'he' stayed in his room. I think he knows he is not that welcome around our family. He came out to the kitchen once. The littles, OF COURSE, had to go to the bathroom so I accompanied them as if we were in a public area. I also explained to them that they were NOT to go into the house & they were to stay RIGHT BESIDE me the whole time.

My mom was nice enough to serve us so we didn't have to be inside. I did let them play & run around the back yard w/ their cousins but we could clearly see them.

My brother let his oldest little go into the house for something & I told him he shouldn't let him in alone but he just responded, "Oh no, no one would do anything cause they know I'd kill them!". I thought that was a bit lax but whatever. The whole thing was a bit awkward but what can I do? The situation hasn't changed by now, it never will.

I would have enjoyed visiting w/ my auntie & grandma longer.....but....I made an excuse & left as soon as I could.

Worn out. It was a fairly good weekend over all though.

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