Friday, July 7, 2006

Communication @ it's Finest!

This morning I reminded my Dh that the movie, Pirates of the Carribean, had opened.....He was still in bed & had to go to work later, but he had a few hours. He was scheduled to go in early for a meeting too.

So he said, sure let's go! I reminded him that I didn't think it was appropriate for the littles & he said, ok lets leave them w/ lil e & go...but then I said that I thought lil' e wanted to see it too....He then said, ok he'd call his mom to watch the littles.

Before I knew it, he was rushing me to hurry & drop off the ktbunch @ his mom's while he got ready for work, then come back & pick him up.

I rush the ktbunch out of the house...the movie was slated to begin @ 10:45, it was 10:35 when we were all finally IN the car. I ran back in the house to tell DH, who was in the shower, that there was NO way that we would make it in time...I wouldn't even be @ MIL house by 10:45 much less to the theater. He said, don't worry about it, the first 8 minutes are previews, just hurry up.

So I rush out....when I get back he is sitting in his car...he rolls down the window & tells me to follow him. I say ok.

He does NOT turn down the street towards the theater, but I think, well ok, he SAID follow him so I WILL. Then he takes a yellow & I miss the light. I finally turn but don't see him, I drive to the theater, around & around & do not see him. I circle back to the other theater & see him.

We is now 11:08 am....I jump out & tell him there is no way we can see the movie now. He says that it is ok cause we are seeing the next showing that starts @ 11:15am. He asks where lil' e is. I tell him that I left him @ MIL. He says he thought lil' e was going which was WHY he asked MIL to watch the littles. I said that is what I thought @ first too but then he had his school books so I thought that meant he was staying. I also asked DH if he had gotten my ATM card. He says no why would I get your ATM card?

BECAUSE I rushed out & did NOT grab my purse cause I was trying to follow his directions & hurry! SO he says...forget it then it's too late. Then I say, well we only live 5 min away, first 8 minutes are previews, lets hurry. He says ok.

We hop in HIS car, rush home & as I'm walking up the steps to the back door, I notice & feel my ATM in my BACK POCKET!!!!!!!

Of course I go in & grab my purse anyway. :o)

I told DH when I got back in the car...he just laughed & said it was ok.

We did NOT know the movie was 2.5 hours he was late to work anyway, even though he was planning on going in early.

Always an adventure!! ;o)

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