Monday, July 3, 2006

Because I'm a MOM

I HAD to go back in & pay.

I made a quick trip to the grocery store today for just a few things (which turned into a little more than a few, but not much! ;) ) The littles stayed in the basket the whole time, they were a little tired & hungry. I was getting two large things of water & since they didn't want to get out of hte basket, I had to lug them to to the bottom of the basket, 2x because I got the generic then saw that the 'good stuff' was on sale, so I lugged those two back & then lugged 2 different ones down.

I finish up & pay, get ALL the way out to the car, only to look down & realize that I did not PAY for the water. I forgot to lug them up on the conveyor belt, & it's 'bag your own groceries' so no one even noticed.

"Oh Shoot! I forgot to pay for the water.", I said. For a moment, I thought, well, no one even noticed, I could just LEAVE & it probably wouldn't even matter. It was quite tempting.

BUT I had my 2 littles w/ me. They probably would not have even noticed but the idea that they COULD & as a mother, knowing that they are much more aware of what goes on around them then I think we give them credit for.....I just couldn't.

I could NOT get in my car & leave & take the water. The choice was really NOT that hard. These littles, that I have been entrusted w/ their care from the Almighty One, are what keep me on the right path the majority of the time. If I were alone....'convenience' might have been more important than the example I was setting.

I got them back in teh cart, not wasting any time, took my full cart right back into the store & up to the cashier, pulled one water up (they are heavy) & told her I was sorry, I forgot to pay for my water, I have 2.

She made a wierd face, like SHE could have gotten into trouble for not catching it. She finished up w/ the current customer & let me pay in front of the the next customers. I told her I was so sorry, I forgot.

Surpsisingly, she responded: "Thank you for coming back & paying." I said, "THank you. I have kids, I have to be a good example for them." Then I was on my way.

I'm thier mom, not their aunt, uncle or the neighbor, I have a much more important role than that. It is a priviledge & a responsibility. That is what it all boils down to, I have to be a good example because I am a MOM.


  1. YAY for Katy!!
    You win the Good Mommy Award. :-)
    BTW, I've done that before. It is a hassle but you have to do the right thing.

    Side note - Are you feeling okay? You were buying bottled water?? That doesn't sound like a Katy thing to do. ;-)

  2. What a beautiful testimony this story is!!! Hooray for you for picking the right thing.

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