Monday, July 24, 2006

DUMB thoughts during a POWER outage....

1. I'm gonna go Blog about this! (power is OFF)

2. It's so hot, let me stick my head in the freezer. (power is OFF)

3. Eat toast. (power is OFF)

4. Let's fill up the air mattress & sleep in the living room. (air mattress requires being plugged in to inflate & power is OFF)

5. Let me wash clothes & I'll hang them on the clothesline. (power is OFF)

6. It's too dark to read, let's watch a movie. (power is OFF)

7. It's so hot, let's stick our sheets in the freezer. (power is OFF)

Smart thoughts during a POWER outage:

1. I guess I can water the lawn.

2. Let's play uno by flash light.

3. Let's go outside & visit w/ the other neighbors who have no power.

4. Let's drive to stores that have AC.

5. Let's eat fruit for dinner.

6. Yes, you can have the ice cream that is melting in the freezer, guilt free.

7. Let's drive to grandma's house who has AC, dinner & ice cream! :o)

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