Sunday, July 23, 2006

Crazy Weather

The weather has been absolutely CRAZY here this last week & expecially this weekend...if we didn't live in earthquake country I'd think a hurricane was coming!!!

It's been SO hot & humid...I know some of you have that all the time but NOT US. Not usually humidity!!!

Last night began the summer lightning storms...continued on through this morning.

Our power went out about 8:30 pm last night...just as I was getting home from the grocery store...not good. The night was HORRIBLE, the worst night ever! So sticky & fighting mosquitos...we're all bit up! Then this morning...tons of lightning & thunder, sprinkles then a DOWNPOUR, I mean REAL rain!

Still NO electricity.

My freezer melted...the refridgerator side is ICK! I don't know if all the yogurt I just bought is ok or might just be like go-gurt! lol

All the heat & humidity was trapped inside my house last night. You just don't know how much of a difference those ceiling fans make. Today/tonight is finally a bit cooler....decent enough...not as sticky.

It was 101 @ MY house yesterday...I couldn't HELP but spend the WHOLE day lounging in the pool w/ my neighbor! lol I figured I'd just do chores later...HA--then NO electricity!

It was 110 @ my mom's house who lives 15 min. away! YIKESABEE!!!! Today was CAKE compared to yesterday...I could handle my power off TODAY! lol Actually it wasn't the power off that bothered me...but the temperature & stickiness....9:00 pm & the whole block was OUT FRONT! Miserable! lol It was turned on right before church tonight...almost 6:30pm!!!

OH! And it was ONLY our block!

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