Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What do you do when you neighbor gets a bigger & a better pool?

Our neighbors decided to get a bigger pool, so they gave us the old smaller one! Great neighbors hanh? :o)
My ktbunch & their bunch go back & forth all day, sometimes climbing over the fence to play in each other's back yard & pool.
We spent the day cleaning & refilling ours (it got icky, but we got a pump & filter now) & then decided to move the jungle gym close enough for the slide to be in the pool. It is SO fun for them. The slide floats too so when they slide down, it kind of bounces in the water.
DH also helped me finagle some metal rings on the eaves of the house & garage so that I could attach a tarp w/ bungees, across them both, for shade. YAY!


  1. How fun!!! That's one way to stay cool! I wish I had a pool, too...but we have to build an in-ground one in my neighborhood. Hope you are well.

  2. That is so cool! A free pool - gotta love that! And it looks awesome! I'm jealous. ;o)


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