Saturday, August 26, 2006

Someone needs to be SHOT & HUNG by their stethoscope!

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A "doctor" came into my mom's room tonight, the doctor on call in place of my mom's regular doctor who is on vacation......I believe this is the FIRST time he's seen her since she went to the hospital. (3 nights ago)

The dr. she's most comfortable w/ & who has been working w/ her is the GI doc & then there's also a surgeon...

So this guy (dr) comes in & tells her & my dad that to him, it looks like she has INOPERABLE PANCREATIC CANCER, & it's VERY AGGRESSIVE. AND THEN LEAVES!

My dad calls me, he's a WRECK! He's crying , he had already called my brother & was crying when he spoke to him too....I volunteer to call my aunt in OR..she's upset....My mom calls me to google the life expectancy for patients w/ inoperable pancreatic cancer.....I cancel my biz party for tonight, the hostess was very understanding, given the cirumstances...

I get to the hospital ASAP....The GI doctor called right before I got there & says they DON'T KNOW for sure! He CAN'T SAY FOR SURE WHAT it is until they do the other tests they had REALLY they DON"T know if it's cancer or not.

WHO does this to a patient? to a family? WHAT KIND of doctor is allowed to practice medicine like that? kwim?

What kind of HUMAN BEING does that to a person & their family? DO you know how UPSETTING that was?

I can't believe this....I am emotionally drained from these last couple of hours! I called a few friends & had to leave messages to pray for our family & then I had to call back & say NEVERMIND! kwim?

This is freaking ridiculous!!!!!

WHO says that w/o CERTAINTY to a patient? kwim?

NOW I think the diagnosis will probably end up the's ALL I can think BUT I figure they do chemo therapy or something right?

We won't know for sure for @ least 2 weeks I figure.

Can I sue for this? I mean really. This was REALLY emotionally distressful! If I can't sue then I think that dr should be FIRED! @ the least!

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  1. I am so sorry to hear that this happened! Sometimes those doctors have NO BEDSIDE manner at all...and they don't think! DH worked as a chaplain in the hospital for a while and he saw (and heard) stuff like this over and over again.

    I'll be praying for your family and hope that you find peace in this midst of this.


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