Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Back to the Hospital.

Mom had to be readmitted to the hospital again today. She was NOT happy about that. Who would be? She ahs a high white cell count & fevers & the doctor must make sure there is no infection. The regualr oncologist is out of town but his associate caem in. He has an excellent beside manner. He answered all my parents questions & I was glad I was there when he caem in.

He said, to him, it looks like the fevers are normal 'tumor fevers' caused by the cancer, but better safe than sorry. He also said the chemotherapy will have little to any side effects. NO hair loss, no more fatigue than she is already experiencing, little if any nausia (& she has medications for that) possible joint & muscle aches, but she also has pain medication as well.

He said she should have good effects since she is "young" & "healthy"...he also called her "thin". That's always good to hear. A visitor called her a 'sexy looking grandma' & said they couldn't believe she is a 'grandma'. My brother reported a previous visitor had quoted her age as 42.....she's 50! :-D

Hopefully she can be out of there by tomorrow & not miss her first chemotherapy appointment on Friday morning. It's ahrder to realx & visit in teh hospital...but I found my crochet hooks & you just can't know how HAPPY that makes me!!! My restless energy has it's outlet back.So now I'm good to go! lol

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