Thursday, September 14, 2006

Tennis anyone?

Daddy has decided to teach the littles to play tennis. :-) Today was another lesson. They LOVE it. Here L is learning to move side to side. Looks good hanh?

When we met...he was a tennis instructor for children.

Sam is doing well, actually. Keep your eye on the ball, Keep your eye on the ball. That is what he keeps saying to himself.

L is making SUCH a funny face here. I totally LOL'd when I saw this pic. :oD

Waiting for another return.

L needs a bit more personal instruction. lol


  1. How fun and what a memory for your kids and your dh!!! I'm praying that Mom is feeling better and that she is able to come home soon.


  2. That top pic is soo sweet! How fun for all of them.

    I should Tori to your house for lessons. lol. Looks like E does a better job teaching than the guy at the parks. ;-)


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