Monday, September 4, 2006

I'm SO tired.

Exhausted really, physically, not so much mentally anymore...but it affects that way too.

Tomorrow is the appointment w/ the oncologist (?) @ the crack of dawn. The appointment is @ 8:30 am, so I'm planning on being @ my parents by be safe + all that back-to-work-after-the-holiday-traffic! aarrrggghhh.

I don't know WHAT this doctor will say. I wonder WHAT he will tell my mom exactly.

My mom's so tired all the time & that is a bit of a bummer.....doesn't seem like much 'quality' time is being spent @ all. But what can you do? The other day she 'took a walk'....made it 2 houses down then came back, exhausted. I've been wanting to work on our Disneyland scrapbook...since even before all this & even more now...we STILL haven't started. Maybe I should just start it myself but I think/thought she wanted us to do it together...but maybe she doesn't care either way?

I don't even know if we'll ever even go to Disneyland again....@ least w/ her.

I don't know if our last memories will be of everyone sitting around @ her house watching tv or what? She falls asleep w/ her mouth open & then she looks exactly like my grandma did when she died. It's too freaky. :o(

She's a bit anxious for her appointment tomorrow, afraid the doctor will want to run more tests. I told her the tests were over, there are no more, they already know what's going on.

We had a mini-bonfire tonight....I figured since it was Labor Day. I went & got the chocolate & graham crackers, my brother had the marshmallows already. My 2 brothers & lil e rasted them for us & I assembled the s'mores. My mom came out @ the end...for like 15-20 minutes...then I determined it was time to go cause I knew she was very tired & due to having to get up so early for the appointment tomorrow.

My brother burned a gigantic spider...well, 2 of them, one was just a garden spider, another was a Black she deserved to die! haha. icky spider season! I came back from the 99 cents store w/ Pirate swords for the boys that made swish & clink sounds....I couldn't pass them up...even though I ONLY went for chocolate & graham crackers. lol I LOVE the 99 cents store. ;o)

Tomorrow is supposed to be the 'official' first day of school for my boys...I hope we can get some work done.....

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  1. I know it's difficult during this time, but do try and get some rest. Your body will slow you down if you don't. Your energy needs to be up in order to help your mom through this. Still praying for you.



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