Wednesday, September 6, 2006

I made some cute kitchen curtains

I sewed my mom some new curtains for her kitchen yesterday. They came out so nice, if I must say so myself. If I get a chance I'll post a pic later. We found a box of really cute dishes w/ red checkers & chefs on them, in her room. My SIL & I told her it was time to USE them.

She has other 'chef themed' kitchen items. SO I searched for chef fabric but couldn't find any---that would have been REALLY cute. Instead I found a fabric that was covered w/ a tan background of grapes & then wine bottles on top of that. I trimmed the sides & edges w/a small brick colored checked fabric. I LOVE them. My mom did too. I only did one window & I will try to make another set for the smaller window but then last night my mom said I needed to make some for the back door I don't know. I never even noticed the back door had a curtain. lol

We had the oncologist appointment yesterday. I'm pretty sure my mom was shocked @ his words. I had to refrain from laughing @ him a few times but it wasn't because he was telling jokes, it was because of his mannerisms. He kinda almost stutters & you just want to say: SPIT IT OUT! Not a true stutterer, but in a beats around the bush, repeating himself kind of way. And he was wearing a cheap suit...maybe it wasn't cheap but it was almost shiny, silver-gray color & then w/ worn out brown shoes that went out of style in 1987. Who wears BROWN shoes w/ a gray suit? kwim? lol

But anyway...he told her clinical trials have shown that use of this certain chemotherapy drug have extended the lives of people w/ her cancer to nearly 12 mos. I know she was shocked to hear that & did not expect that @ all. I saw it in her face. She had her notebook out to take notes & when he said that & it registered on her face.....she kinda looked away, dropped her head, her face started to break & then she just closed her notebook & put it if she had no more questions & if she did, they no longer mattered.

I know it was hard for her. I already knew that information, I knew the name of the drug he was referring too. I told you, I DID the research. I was prepared.

She composed herself, of course. After when we were waiting in lobby, she broke down again. I told her it doesn't matter what they say....she has to go out kicking @ screaming. THAT is the whole point. No ONE knows how long they have & no one can really say. It could be 2 days or 2 years but no matter what, we would ALL be right here w/ her.

I think it got through to her, after awhile. She started looking into some natural supplements & stuff. She said, she wants more than a year. She asked me if she only had a year does that mean she only has 11 more months cause a month was just wasted @ the hospital & doing all these tests? I told her, it doesn't work like that. NO ONE knows!!!!! It's not like the clock ticks & then her time runs out, you just don't know so we make the most of what we have.

The chemotherapy is NOT to eradicate the cancer. It won't do that. It is to maintain or stop the cancer growth as long as possible to extend the patient's life as long as possible. Eventually, it stops working, then the chemo stops.

She starts next week. One time a week for as many weeks as her body can take it. Then one week off. Then back on again.

It was frustrating last night. I got 2 movies for us to chillax & watch...but it seemed everyone was 'busy' doing 'nothing' so we never could sit down & watch it. I don't know what everyone was doing but we were never able to all sit down together, then it was time to leave.

After her doctor appointment, we drove out to her job to clear out her office. Everyone was so happy to see her but still sad, you could tell. They wanted to hear what the doctor said, but she didn't want to tell them. She was afraid they'd take her off 'payroll'...but I'm pretty sure that's illegal so it's not even a possibility. kwim? Her friends really value her, there.

A couple were going to lunch @ this Sushi place that they like & my mom wanted to go. I do NOT like sushi--no I have never tried it & I am not planning on it anytime soon. lol I think DH would like that place. we went w/ them. One friend ended up treating us. I had the teriyaki beef & some rice, I asked for a fork cause they only give you chop sticks. My mom can even use them. lol And my dad. I thought that was so funny. The restaurant played upbeat 80's music which just seemed to fit the ambiance & made it 'perfect'. Everyone, the waitress, the chefs & the cashier all make a point to say thank you as you leave. Real funky (in a cool way) place.

The interesting thing was that my mom seemed to have quite a bit of energy, high spirits & good appetite while we were out. I'm thinking that maybe she needs to be OUT more, not just sitting around @ home. I'm thinking maybe I can get her to go to Disneyland Thursday or maybe Friday except that I have a business party Friday night....

I think it would be good for her & we can take grandma's wheelchair....hey they let you right on the rides when you have a wheelchair. lol I think it would be good for her.

She said she wanted to go to this fancy restaurant for her birthday in November...but SIL thinks maybe we should go this weekend before she starts chemo....& feels nauseous & loses her appetite. @ the same time I think we should give her something to look forward too??? So I don't know.

The doctor also said he would give her a prescription for PAIN to go along w/ her patch...indicating that her pain would get worse & she will need more medication for it. That part scares me. Right now she is not feeling any pain @ all.

I'm glad I made the curtains...gave me something to do & something ELSE to talk about besides THIS.


  1. Sounds like a fun thing to do for your Mom. I am sure she appreciates it. You're still in my prayers. I think with all that you are recording, that you should write your journey out for others. You are a blessing to me even though I am not traveling the same road. I can see how you are leaning on your faith and that is refreshing. May God continue to bless you all.

  2. Cute sounding curtains! I agree with Susan. Journaling your experience will not only help others but will be a healing for you as well.

    Keep us posted, my cyber friend. I think and pray for you often.


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