Sunday, September 10, 2006

She looked great today!


Another friend from work stopped by & brought her a bear from Build-A-Bear. Funny....I was just thinking about the SAME thing yesterday! lol It is a soft bear w/ patches & she named it Faith. It is so adorable.

I got there late, trying to straighten up my home a bit & do laundry. Plus the ktbunch wanted to play w/ their neighbor friends, I think they've been having withdrawals. lol As much as I wanted to get to my mom's ASAP, I think they need the 'breaks' too so I thought it was good for them to play w/ friends for awhile. I visited w/ my neighbor too. That's always nice. I worked on a fleece blanket for my mom while I was there, cutting the edges for fringe trim.

She was asleep when I got there but got up later when it was almost time for me to be leaving for church, so I stayed instead. I think God understands.

I was able to discuss their budget w/ her tonight. My dad will be VERY well taken care of, financially, when she dies. It's pathetic how much more valuable we are when we're gone. {rolling eyes} Unfortuneately, my mom's disability income will be a mere drop in the we will have to fill in the gaps somehow.

I also found out she is NOT on another antibiotic. aarrggghhh. But it is good news. I asked my parents to PLEASE let me know next time they go to the doctor so I can attend w/ & take notes because I know how hard it is to get all the info & try to relay it accurately. I was kinda proud of myself because I was able to say it in a way that they weren't offended or anthing & agreed w/ me. That's always nice.

She liked the fleece blanket. I knew she would cause she was admiring one I had w/ me the other day. It is just the right amount of coziness when she gets a bit chilly.

I slept very late today...@ least it felt like it. But I felt pretty good once I finally forced myself up & took a shower. The boys did most of the straightening up of the living room because they wanted to go play. They work best when there is a 'reward' to be earned, like playing a video game or w/ friends. I don't know if that is a good thing but it works for us. :o)

L needs more training because she is the least helpful of all. I am working on her attitude mostly lately. She seems to cry so much. It's hard to tell if it's due to the recent stress & is unexpressed OR if it's a current character issue?

She will change her attitude eventually & come in & show me her I am not particularly 'hard' on her or them....but it's just hard to know sometimes. I asked her point blank if she was crying about grandma gale & she said no, it's because blah blah blah, something trivial. She has been praying every night though: Please help grandma gale not to die.

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