Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Thank you Loreal Truffle Medium Brown Ash!

Ever feel like a box of hair dye will CHANGE your life FOREVER?

I bought some last night, even spent more than I normally would for even a haircut.... $17.89! It was a 'multitonal color kit' which included dye AND highlights! ;-) The pix on the boxes are so funny & the women (& of course their hair) just look gorgeous. Oh! & the color names are so funny!

My SIL helped me, well, ok she did it all. lol I actually bought 2 different boxes because I wasn't sure which one would look best. I normally prefer lighter hair color but since it's fall, I decided to do something different & go darker w/ highlights. The woman on the box looks like she surely doesn't use this product to 'cover gray'! (& neither do I btw! lol)

I started thinking about how much we sometimes vainly hope that one thing, like a little ol' box of hair color can somehow give a complete life makeover.

If I look @ the box I could easily believe: I will have NO crows feet, my ears will no longer stick out, I could become a model, my breasts will surely produce instant lift & then I'll be on the cover of Victoria Secret catalog! One success leads to antoher! All my problems will instantly disappear! :D

Then you rinse.....& you suddenly realize your hair is DARK CHOCOLATE! I HATE dark chocolate! I wanted to be milk chocolate frappuccino w/ a touch of caramel swirl!

Oh the reality!

It did come out nice though. :o)

My mom got her haircut yesterday & she looked absolutely fabulous! And even younger..I can only imagine how many MORE times I will be told we look like sisters. lol She was having a pretty good day & my dad said maybe he should take her to Disneyland every week!

Wednesday (tomorrow) we; mom, aunt, SIL & I are scheduled to go on a gondola ride. I can't wait. I will have lots of pix to share, of course.

It is still very overwhelming to keep track of my mom's medications, dosages & frequency. My SIL got her a great pill pox/book thing. My aunt made a chart. But trying to talk to my mom about it, or watch over her shoulder is very frustrating. Yesterday she almost took 2 doses of something. I saw her empty them into her hand & as I tried to mention it to her, she insisted she knew what she was doing & tried to explain that she had skipped a dose earlier & was going to take it now. I already knew that & was trying to make sure, though, that she was not doubling up, taking a dose from 'evening' AND 'bedtime' together.

Then my dad cuts in & says there is a pill she is not to take anymore. SO I am now wondering WHICH pill she is not to take anymore & he's trying to get the pill box which I had handed to my aunt. My aunt comes over to explain that mom skipped an earlier dosage from earlier, it was an 'optionl/as needed' medication.

BUT dad was really trying to say what my aunt just said & what I already KNEW. AND my mom DID have 2 doses in her hand!!!!

Then my mom snaps: "I would have caught it." I'm not so sure of that.

It was so irritating. Right now my aunt is overlooking & organizing the meds...but WE have to know for when she is gone. I know it's overwhelming. I am overwhelmed, but we need to know what is going on & we need to communicate clearly & we need to stop jumping in on everything all @ once @ the same time.

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