Monday, September 25, 2006

Finally made it to Disneyland! :-)

3 Generations
Me, Mom & my DD

I kinda got into a little tiff w/ my mom on Saturday night. I was so frustrated w/ her. She was very tired, kinda moping around & not wanting to do anything! She hadn't even washed her hair. The women in our family have a history of depression so I knew this was not a good sign. I tried to encourage her told her htat people who look better generally feel better. She misunderstood & was insulted. I also told her that she needed to increase her activity level. She was too young to be so inactive right now.

But I think it helped. I did not see her that much on Sunday. After church they went out to eat then took a drive. They didn't particularly invite me. While they took their drive, they came across a kite festival & checked things out there for a bit. When I got to my mom's house later that afternoon, they were not home, still @ the festival. I was glad though that she had gotten up & out.

Her legs were still very swollen but when she came home, she said we were definately going to Disneyland on Monday & we did.

We thought it would be funny to squish into this telephone booth @ CA Adventure. Why? Cause we're freaks! lol


**blogger's being uncooperative I will post a few more pix later.**

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  1. Yer doin a great job Katy encouraging your mom. Any attack on the liver affects the emotions and clarity of thought so your mom is going to battle that through all this. She remains in my prayers and you too.


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