Friday, September 1, 2006

THIS Moment

I feel like my entire life has been leading up to THIS moment. ALL my life choices & decisions have led to THIS.

How greatful I am right now that we/I chose to homeschool my ktbunch. How could I have known, 9 educational years ago that I'd be here. I am so glad that I will not have to worry about getting my kiddos going in the morning or break up my day in the afternoon to pick them up from 2 different schools to do homework afterwards or activities.

Instead, we can be @ my mom's everyday w/ her, enjoying our last days/months or however long, togther @ a liesurely pace. They can take their school work w/ us or work on it afterwards. I can/will be totally available to take her to any necessary appointments or whatever. We can spend days @ Disneyland together.

How greatful I am that I didn't let pride or anything else get in the way of my children's relationship w/ thier grandmother. As crazy as *I* feel after being w/ my mom more than a few hours (lol), I did not let that hinder thier time w/ her. If I disagreed w/ the extra movies/video games/freedoms or treats my parents may have indulged them in, I let it slide. It was nothing I couldn't 'de-program' them from @ home. lol

I let my oldest spend numerous nights over night there, staying up super late, watching movies, only to get up super early the next day, when they gladly took him bowling in his bowling league, which they paid for. I figured it was convenient for me w/ 2 littles @ home & special for them. How could I know how right I would be? Or how short their future may be?

Or how only a couple Octobers ago we were having a yard sale because we were SURE we were moving out of state.....only for Dh job to take a twist that convinced us to stay.

How could I know, 2 weeks ago, when I invited my mom, last minute, to join me for a scrapbook making workshop, that we'd be here? It was almost annoying how much she told me she enjoyed it & had so much fun. lol

Or when I got the notion for them to get passes to Disneyland so they could join us sometimes, that it could possibly have been/could be the last birthdays of my littles we'd celebrate, so magically, together? My dad even buying my mom a pair of funky golden Mouse ears.

I can honestly say, we have wasted NO matter how short it may be.


  1. Since God knows, I think He helps us get to places where we can "handle" the situations in our lives. I am so glad that you'll be able to be there for your Mom. I know it must be a great relief for her, too. Just know that you are STILL in my prayers.

  2. I think it's wonderful you have the opportunity to spend this time with your mom and your children will have great memories as well.

    You're still in my prayers too - I think of you often. Keep us posted, okay?

  3. This is how I know these are the end days, God is taking his children home. I hope you/your family have many wonderful & happy years to come. It's true many of life's difficult moments can't be avoided. Times of crisis are inevitable. But you can equip your children to face the hardships to come. It's the most important task you'll ever undertake. You/your family are in my prayers.


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