Friday, September 1, 2006

Never imagined THIS conversation

As soon as we got in the car last night to leave my parents house, my oldest broke down in crocodile tears. I asked him if he had been holding it in ALL day & he said yes. Poor guy.

It never occurred to me. I could tell that everyone else, including myself, kinda took mini-mental breaks through out the day during our time w/ my mom, walking outside, taking a phone call outside or what not.

I never thought to tell ds.

So I told him he didn't have to hold in his emotions, he could take 'breaks' too. I told him how if he felt like crying, but of course did not want to in front of 'grandma', he could go in the restroom & run the water & noone would hear him or he could go in the back yard or outside & take a little walk w/ the dogs.

I think this 'talk' was harder than the puberty talk. He is really close to my mom, this is going to be hard. :o(

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