Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Cause I can still be silly!

A day @ the park

Me & my girl

My Ktbunch

The 'littles' & I


My ktbunch was playing & I was sitting there w/ my mom, reading & working on some crochet. THen I began to wonder what kinds of memories my ktbunch would have of me. I remembered when my oldest was a toddler & I was his primary playmate. I never sat to the side & watched him 'play'. I always played WITH him.

What happened? Where did my energy go? When did I become a sidelines mom? I know part of it was practicality. It's kind of hard to play when you're nursing a newborn, so big brother became the primary playmate. & he is a GREAT playmate. Now, though, my primary excuse was lack of energy. I read once that 'energy breeds energy'. SO I decided to get up & play tag w/ them. I would not sit idly by & passively watch them grow up---w/ or w/o me!

Yes, I do spend LOTS of tiem w/ them on a daily basis. But I want to be more FUN.
This was a start. ;-)

Mom was w/ us. It was nice for her to 'get out'. She worked on her crochet, the weather was gorgeous, we ate a picnic lunch & took pics. I'll post one of mom & the ktbunch later...gotta run.


  1. Beautiful pics KT.

    This is something I am working on too. :-)

  2. Ohhhh...that's a great reminder that we ALL need to relax and have FUN once in a while!!!! Our kids need it. Blessings to you all.

  3. How awesome! I love the pics! And your children will cherish them forever. I know my husband sat with his family this week and laughed and enjoyed many wonderful memories that photos stirred up.


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