Wednesday, October 11, 2006

No pix?

I don't know...blogger won't let me put ANY pix lately...thus no blogs. I guess I have to 'use my words'. lol

Mom is starting to look worse & worse, sleeping more & more. It gets us worried. But we did have a talk w/ her & told her she NEEDS to eat or she will die from malnutrition not the cancer. The doctor told us this too.We also bought some protein powder to put in her drinks & in her food. Must be creative. Her lack of protein is making her legs severely swollen.

She sleeps most of the day away. She had an appointment w/ her regular doctor today. He actually seemed impressed w/ her health. The scale shows a weight loss of only 5lbs. I KNOW she has lost more than that. But I think it is the water in her swollen legs that is making her weigh more. It shows mostly in her face AND the fact that she BARELY eats a few bites, if anything, a day.

Tuesday, my brother, SIL & I spoke to the doctor ourselves to discuss mom's current condition & her medicines. We try to keep track but it is still confusing, she has so many prescriptions & it's hard to keep track of what she is currently taking, what has been taken for the day & what not. One night, while I was on the phone, she took an extra dose of a medication she had taken just 2 hours earlier. It didn't hurt her...but you know?

Her pain is worse, off & on. Doctor told us not to be afraid to double the pain patch or use 1 & a half if necessary. He said because the pain will get worse & he will increase the dose but we want to wait until it's absolutely necessary. He also expects her to have a rapid decline. He said in his experience, the younger patients decline faster & die as opposed to older patients who seem to live like my grandma. He confirmed that her current state IS due to her body declining very quickly.

He said the oncologist said her cancer is very progressed.....but she still has some time IF she eats & takes care of herself. Today she's gotten 3 protein drinks in...dehydration is still a concern since that is ALL she has drank all day & only a couple bites of food, but it is better than the past few days. We can only take one day @ a time.

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  1. I'm keeping yer mom in my prayers. I love her like a sister. Feel alittle guilty about not calling more... I guess I'm re-living my loss of my mom.


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