Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Whoa! It's 52 degrees!
My heater is an old floor heater that collects a TON of dust bunnies through out the I can not turn it on till I shopvac it out.
I don't own a shop vac....& my dad says he needs to clean his out before he can bring it over.
Besides being soooooo cccooollllddd...I came home from a bit of shopping to a flooded kitchen!
It was too cold to laugh about it. I had to use ALL my clean towels to clean up the mess.
My great dad caem over & replaced all the piping under the ktichen sink. It was so rusted & corroded it literally BROKE!
Finally, around 10pm, he went back home & I cleaned up the mess, put everything back under the sink, loaded up the washer w/ all my sopping wet towels,started it up & of backed up into my sink & flooded all over again!
My dad instraucted me to go outside & open up the drain cap to unload all teh water & so I can still use my washer. OK! 1st) it's FREEZING out there. 2nd) that cap thing would NOT budge, not even when I used teh HAMMER. (dad told me too)
Forget it!
I'll deal w/ this another day.

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  1. Anonymous8:34 AM

    It is cold. Hey, I will have Ian bring by the shopvac later today.
    :-) We just need it back so Jim can shop vac ours later tonight. Brrrrr...


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