Saturday, November 4, 2006

Home Funeral Services?

I find it fascinating........right up there w/ home birth is HOME FUNERAL.

Similiar to a midwife, is a 'death midwife', I don't think that is what they actually call it but the same, 'natural/home' concept. I think they just call it a funeral director....but nothing like what you find @ a funeral home/mortuary.

I want to become one of these. I found it amazing to be home w/ my mom & take care of her, even after she died....& I wish I had known about this sooner....

Just as 'home birth' is not everyone's cup of tea, I realize this isn't either.....but I wish I would have known it was even a option.

Final Passages, Home Funeral Services
AND the COSTS associated are extremely LESS than standardized funeral service costs!!!!

It was such an amazing (I know I keep using that word. lol) difference between my grandma dying in a 'care center', most likely alone, us anxiously awaiting the funeral home @ the care center w/ strangers walking by & staring or worse, ignoring our existance completely, going from there straight to the mortuary AND THEN my mother being HOME, being by her side, lying w/ her, even washing her, & spending the few hours w/ her until the mortuary arrived.

And caring for her that entire week before, us knowing what was happening to her (dying) & as painful as it was, it was still truly wonderful @ the same time...if that makes sense.
A true blessing.

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  1. Thanks for your prayers, kt. I agree. I can see where some people would be really drawn to this. I know that many many people appreciate the home hospice care and help with end of life experiences. It's worth looking into for sure.

    Have a great day...I hope you are finding new peace and strength each day...and that your kids are doing well.

    Bless you.


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