Sunday, November 5, 2006

Fun Day

Took the ktbunch to Disneyland today. Wowzers was it HOT! lol I thought we might be getting Autumn this year...but I am definately fooled by this weather. It feels like summer but you can tell it's not cause it's DRY heat.

Here they are on my absolute FAVORITE ride, the carousel. We took the day slow, no rushing, brought our lunch of course.

It was a little bit crowded but not much. We went on the canoes for the first time. S & L liked it for the first minute then they were too tired to row. Silly geese. ;-) All the Halloween decorations are down, too bad because they also made great Fall decorations. The back of the park has some Christmas decorations but not Main Street yet. I can't wait for the Christmas decorations. I know most of December is 'blacked out' for us but that will be ok, we will probably be too busy to go much anyway. We can go in the beginning of the month. That will be nice.

I knew the ktbunch just needed to have some FUN! I wish DH could have been w/ us but he was working. We are so blessed by how hard he works for us. I am blessed & I know that. It was tiring for me a bit. Of course I wished mom could be there w/us & I wish I wasn't going there specefically to create some external joy to replace the pain of losing her for a little bit...but it was ok. The kids NEED to have FUN, we all do & I KNOW it's ok & I want them to know it's ok too. :-)

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  1. Anonymous12:31 PM

    I am so glad that you guys could fit in a fun day!! Sounds wonderful!


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