Thursday, November 9, 2006

Perfect Ornament

Spending Christmas w/ Jesus this Year(click here for link).

The season is beginning...I expect it to be hard. I try to be excited w/ all the sparkly & shiny things I see. I think I will start decorating super early. I love looking @ the ornaments in the stores & try to purchse a new one every year for each child.

Of course there are the "First Christmas" ornaments everywhere....& I wondered if they make a "First Christmas WITH OUT You" ornament.....or they should anyway!

Well I found one! It has a poem, I'll print it in full when it arrives & you can personalize it.
The ornament itself has an excerpt from the poem that says:
I love you all dearly,
Now don't shed a tear,
I'm spending Christmas
With Jesus this year.

Can it have a more perfect sentiment? I personalized it w/ my mom's name, birth & death year, engraved on the back. I ordered 4; one for myself, my 2 brothers & my dad.


  1. There's a Christmas song that they play called "The Gift" and the line goes "Grandpa is the gift they got in heaven this year." It came out the year my Grandfather passed away and I bawled everytime I heard it...still do.

    I LOVE the ornament idea. This is a great way to keep someone's memory alive at this special time.

    :-) Susan

  2. Wow! I love that - would you send me the link? It would be a great gift for m y hubby and his family as well.


  3. That is neat Katy. Was this something you found on line or in a store? This is my first Christmas without my Mom too and I'm feeling a bit lost.


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