Friday, November 24, 2006

True Confession

The Night BEFORE Black Friday:

OK...I'm NOT one to get up early & go shopping freaking EARLY on Black Friday....BUT the ONLY gift for SURE I know I will be buying, so far was on sale @ ToysRus, (I found it online as an UNADVERTISED IN STORE special!!!!!) that stupid Doodle Bear that I'm sure L will discard in 5 min....but it's the only thing she has's $10 OFF the really cute one! lol

So I just might be dragging my booty up @ 5AM to snag scour the shelves for anything else that jumps out @ me.

I really have NO plans/ideas for gifts this year. lol BUT I have a $50 gift card for Toys R us so might as well get as much use out of it as I can.... + $7 left on another toys r us gift card. lol

ANYone else dragging out of bed early like a crazed mama bear to save a few bucks?

Black Friday Recap:

Up by 4:45 AM, out of the house by 5:00 AM. In line, @ ToysRUs for about 20 min. Wander around aimlessly, (well, tried too, not much room to 'wander') grabbed a few items, feel anxious w/ all the people. TOysRUs store layout is the WORST. It is speceficlaly designed to TRAP you in the store! lol I entertained the idea of dropping everything & just leaving 3x! Hoem before 7:00 AM. DH alarm went off @ 7:00 AM to head on out to work. lol

Ok that was SO totally NOT worth it! lol

I only spent $6.80 of my OWN $$$ cause I had those gift cards.

But...funny thing, that stupid Doodle Bear that L wanted, ok it was on sale only for the morning...well I went to get it & the regular priced cheap one was SO much CUTER than the on sale one but you better believe if *I* dragged my bootyliscious butt out @ 5am, I was buying the SALE one! lol

I might just return it later & exchange it for the cute one. lol

I got a couple other things for the boys but nothing particulalry special & they were on sale but they'd still be the same price tomorrow & Sunday. lol

I DON'T think I'll be doing that again next year....but you never knoooooowwww. ;-)

The ktbunch & I spent the rest of the day @ my dad's house getting the tree up & decorating. It was no easy task since we first had to FIND the decorations! lol My dad was working. It was the 1 month anniversary of my mom's death. I don't keep track of the dates like that but it is always in the back of my mind.

My brother gave all the kiddoes (ok & me too) each a ride around the block on my dad's new motorcycle. I made them take an 'oath' not to tell anyone or else they'd never get a toy or piece of candy again. lol I like to make BIG deals out of little nothings. :-) Oldest set up some of the outdoor lights & decorations. It has become 'tradition' for him to help my dad every year. He gets to climb up a ladder, get on the roof & do 'man stuff'. lololololol

They didn't get a chance to actually put any lights up outside, it was a hard day for my dad, so they will do all of that roof climbing tomorrow. Normally my dad buys a new BIG outdoor item each year too...I think I'll have to remind him about that tomorrow.


  1. Oh dear God! Are you out of your mind? My sister did the same thing - up at 3:00 a.m. and shopped until 6:00 p.m. INSANE!!!!!

    Hope your weekend has went well.


  2. Anonymous4:34 PM

    I love, love, love Black Friday...I just couldn't get into it this year. I shopped yesterday, but not with my usual "gusto"! Glad you had some success.

    :-) Susan


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