Wednesday, November 22, 2006

what do YOU have to be Thankful for?

Well, I can focus on the negatives or the I'm choosing positive!

A FEW things I am thankful for. ;-)

1. my family
2. cheap rent
3. no more drippy faucet
4. unconditional love from my mom
5. all the time I had to spend w/ my mom
6. being there when my mom took her last breath
7. being healthy
8. living in America
9. being able to homeschool
10. a hard working husband
11. a good looking husband ;-)
12. food in my fridge
13. having a sewing machine
14. knowing how to use it
15. knowing how to crochet
16. a great neighbor
17. a relaxed lifestyle
18. a husband who is a real sweetheart
19. a good pair of jeans
20. lots of cute shoes
21. a funny brother
22. a brother who can cook
23. a few great sister in laws
24. smart kids
25. 'usually' well behaved kids
26. great in laws
27. my mom's group
28. a great church
29. my wonderful girlfriends
30. living in a state w/ great weather
31. having an easy going personality. REALLY!
32. DSL
33. our local library
34. our local library within walking distance
35. a bike
36. the fact that i know how to ride it. lol
37. creativity
38. being a 'thinker'
39. being level headed
40. a great dad
41. a nice tent
42. an even better air mattress
43. the fact that I got the air mattress for only $10
44. books
45. paper to write on
46. pens
47. cute pencils
48. running water
49. indoor plumbing
50. a big backyard
51. living close to my family & dh family
52. forgiveness
53.the fact that I have so MUCH to be thankful for, to ever be able to possibly list them ALL!

What do YOU have to be thankful for?


  1. Wow! Ok, I have to pull out of my self pity funk and get to thinkin about what I'm thankful for! Blog to come soon!

  2. Great list! I need to make one today as well.

    I have 2 comment boxes - one for Mr. Linky - the blogger one was supposed to be disabled but something didn't turn out right with the HTML. ;o)

    No, we didn't get the ornaments. Hubby thought it may be best to wait . . . so I'm adhering to his wishes.

    Happy Thanksgiving, my friend!

  3. Love it!! I need to do it too...

    Much love and blessings for a Happy Thanksgiving.



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