Friday, December 8, 2006

I changed the calender

I have a calender in my kitchen. I noticed today it was still on August. Funny.

It makes sense. It seems my life STOPPED in August. That is the month my mom first went to the hospital & I will NEVER forget the date she received her official diagnosis; August 31, 2006.

I don't keep track of the other dates, like the date she died. I think I purposely made a mental choice to NOT look @ the calender that day. It's in the BACK of my mind but not the forefront.

And I know her birthdate. I feel as if I really lost her on August 31, 2006. Everything changed & she changed. Anything that needed to be said, would have to have been said before that date, cause there wasn't much said after that.

Blessed for me, there was nothing left to be said between us.

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