Wednesday, December 27, 2006

No, but I'll learn.

I just KNEW that my mom was planning on buying me a guitar for Christmas. I was hoping my dad would remember. She never told me or anything, but I knew it anyway.

I had been wanting one. I have NO idea how to play & have never showed even a hint of any musical inclination....but for some reason, this past year, I got this impulsive desire to learn.

I thought it would be fun to sit around bonfires @ the beach & sing, or sit around w/ the ktbunch & be able to play guitar & sing songs.

So yah, my dad got it for me, cause my mom wanted me to have it.

This Christmas had to be the most materialistic ever. I don't even feel guilty about it. I spent all I had, maxed out any credit cards I had (not really, but it felt like it) on gifts. Towards the end, I shut down, not even having bought gifts for everyone. I put my effort into sewing festive dresses for L & I. Sewing doll clothes for a doll I salvaged for L. Cleaning my kitchen like a maniac to avoid wrapping gifts.

Avoidance. I think that might have been the theme of this Christmas & it seemed to have worked like a charm.

I sewed festive dresses for L & I, so I could look as happy as can be on the outside. It worked. I bought new decorations for my home, a little snow village. We didn't get our lights up outside this year. I didn't put one ornament on the tree, I let the ktbunch do it. I just couldn't.

I kept the holiday music on non-stop. Anything to keep the mind busy. I let the ktbunch watch a 'Christmas movie' every night. I rarely sat still long enough to watch it w/ them. I attended 1 'holiday party'. I participated in a Christmas card & secret santa exchange w/ e-friends.

Overall, it was ok. Now the hunt begins to find a place for ALL the new 'stuff' the ktbunch received.


  1. Anonymous6:39 AM

    How wonderful...your music (and I know you will learn) will be a powerful tribute to the memory and legacy of your mom.

    Holidays won't always hurt so much...I'm glad you made it through this one.

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog...if you peek in the October archive, there is a pic of me and dd 1 shortly after my surgery. I've dyed my hair darker for fall, but it's me...if you'd like me in my natural redheaded glory, let me know and I can email you one!

    Your sewing is amazing. I just muddle through basic stuff, mostly craft type sewing, and get nervous when I have to cut fabric! I did well to do all of my headscarves with my Mom working beside me, LOL.

    Merry Chrismtas,

  2. I can relate Katy, I stayed real busy this Christmas too. Maybe next year won't hurt as bad

  3. Anonymous9:57 AM

    You look so cool with that guitar. I can't wait to hear you play. Watch out Vontrapp Family Singers!

  4. Anonymous4:52 PM

    This is strange..I know I posted a comment here a day or so ago. It's not showing...strange, huh???

    I love your guitar. What a sweet thing your Dad did for you this year. DH learned to play in a very short amount of time. He did take lessons for about six months to get the basics down...then started playing with others.

    I'm praying that learning to play is part of your healing and a blessing to your family.




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