Saturday, December 30, 2006

At least you have your Faith.....

WHAT does that mean?

I have heard it a few times, a few different variations, regarding my mom's death. SO because I have some 'faith' it is less painful? Easier to deal w/? I have some special power that should expediate my grief?

I will say that because I do have 'my faith' I do take comfort knowing that my mom (& my grandmother) are both w/ the Lord right now, truly & honestly. I know they had a personal relationship w/ Jesus Christ.

BUT that does not alleviate my missing them, especially my mom. It does not alleviate the tears or the emptiness. I don't get a free pass on grief cause I have 'my faith'. kwim?

And if those w/o faith believe that, then what do they have to look forward to when someone they love dies? Unending grief & sorrow? Is that what they think?

I believe I will miss my mom FOREVER while on this earth. I will grieve FOREVER while on this earth. It won't end until we are reunited in heaven. She will forever be missed.

I am not 'falling to pieces' of course. It's not my style. lol I have my moments. I think some people expect me not too, I know it makes people uncomfortable, helpless. It makes ME uncomfortable. lol But it's there. I'm normal, really.

And with or w/o faith, I think the pain (if that's what you want to call it) is still there & still great.

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