Monday, January 15, 2007

Ch, Ch, Changes......

I am getting a job! A real outside-of-my-home if I don't have enough going on, but whatever. lol

I am going to be a PAID 'stitcher' for the local community college costume shop! I am excited. The hours couldn't be more perfect & accomodating for my life: afternoons & evenings, per needed basis. Which means not that much right now until they start a show then I will be needed more. Right now I'll be helping cleaning up the costume shop, organizing costumes & such & then once the show starts I'll be actually MAKING/sewing costumes.

PLUS....I asked if I could take my stb 14 yo w/ to do some free labor, cleaning up & stuff. Technically no, it would be a 'liability' BUT I can sign him up for the theater production class AND THEN he will earn college credit & he can be there @ the same time I am there!!!!! The class 'hours' are what you make them. I think it will be good for him to be 'busy' doing something productive. I just think boys that age need to KEEP busy being productive.

PLUS {yes there's more} she said she has fabric she needs to get rid of that I can HAVE! For FREE! :D

This all started cause we were @ the college last week cause DH was doing a taping of an IMPROV show for a submission for a festival...blah blah blah. S, the costume designer/professer was walking by, stopped to say hello & chit chat, remark on how unbelievable it is to see 'lil e' about to be 14 yo! They all remember him when he was 3yo & dh & I were students there! lol She happened to mention that she was going to be hiring a 'student' designer.

I kept thinking about it, entertaining the idea & thought it might be fun. So I followed up & inquired about it. That particular position is for an actual 'student' & an unpaid position BUT she offered the info about needing a stitcher. She said it's hard for her to keep stitchers because of the low pay (probably minimum wage) & part-time hours. Everyone wants a full-time job & they can make more $$$ elsewhere.

Well, *I* am certainly NOT looking for a full time job & the pay is what it is, extra $$$ is extra $$$ & it's worth it to me for the flexibility & easy hours that it accomodates MY life, especially homeschooling. S has 2 twin boys & she is really involved in their preschool so she prefers to go in to work in afternoons & she understands & appreciates the being a mother part.

The bigwigs @ DH job have made some 'changes' & of course that translates into a pay cut for all the sales people. It's complicated but that's what it is. So the timing is perfect. I think it's God's will cause this job idea/offer came about even before I knew what was going on @ Dh job. Like God had just prepared it for me/us.

I am also opening an online ETSY shop w/ my SIL. It will be up later today & I'll post the direct link to OUR shop. The fees are less than ebay & it's for homemade products ONLY. Jewelry, crochet, artwork, clothes, toys, salsa...ect. Anything HOMEmade or handcrafted! It's not auction but set prices. It would have been up sooner, we have the finished products, I just haven't had time to take some presentable pictures. lol

We'll be offering girl's dresses, American Girl-type doll clothes (sewn & crochetted), purses, crochetted items such as scarves, beanies & ponchos. And who knows what else!

I'm still running. YAY me! My guitar, well, I'm disappointed. Barely the 2nd week I had it, a friend broke a string (accident of course) & I haven't had the time nor the $5 or so, to take an extra trip to the guitar shop to replace I haven't touched since the 1st week I got it! bummer.

I've decided NOT to continue to use this current curriculum program we are using for S, my 6.5 yo next year. I was committed to using it for 2 years to see if it worked w/ our family style. It does not. We will finish out the year & be done w/ it.

For oldest...not sure yet what we will do for next year as he starts highschool. I am actually looking into a Performing Arts Highschool. There's an open house within the next few weeks. I am not totally comfortable sending him for 9th grade but possibly for 10th grade. You can apply any year. I am praying about it to see what the Lord really wants for him & us, but it is a real idea & option I am considering. {I may possibly continue w/ the current program for HIM but not for the littles.}

I think dropping this current curriculum will be a huge stress reliever for our family. I am looking forward to going back to doing our 'own' thing, allowing more creativity in our homeschool life & MORE fun & enjoyment which will also equal a more relaxed & less 'pressured' learning environment.

I've never had a New Year bring so much 'newness' before.
THIS is gonna be interesting!

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  1. Wow, KT, you've been BUSY!! This job sounds GREAT...what a neat thing to be around the theater. I think there's quite an education there for your 14yo...for sure.

    I'm continuing to keep you in my prayers.


    :-) Susan


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