Friday, January 12, 2007

Still running...

Increase Day again! lol

run/jog 4 min-walk 2 min.

YAY me. Knees hurt a bit on lap 4.....dragging to barely finish lap 5. lol But once I did the last 'walking' lap I felt great. Laps felt slow BUT steady.

Started out tired & a bit stiff. I think I am not warming up long enough.

Skipped yesterday to 'be depressed'...but today is back to 'proactive kt'.

The ktbunch went around w/ me for the warm up then S (6.5 yo) ran w/ me for the 1st 4 min run lap. What a trooper. After that I was on my own but they hung out on the corner to cheer for me & I told them to bring me a CUP of water so I could run by & grab it & toss it down like a "real racer"! So fun! lolololololololololol


  1. It's so great that they are all "in the act". I am continuing to marvel at your increases and celebrate from across the country.


    :-) Susan

  2. How did you not freeze when they threw the water at you today? LOL! It is cold.

    You are doing great KT! Let us know when you are going to run by our place and we will have the cheerleaders waiting for you. GOOOOO KT!


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