Thursday, January 4, 2007

Major Improvements!


Skipped yesterday, not planned but oh well.
Went back @ it today. Forced the ktbunch to go w/ & cheer me on. I guess all their positive energy was useful. (they gave up but stood @ the back yard gate & cheered & waved a pirate flag when I passed)

Made ALL 5 laps. good pace. no pain, knee felt a little 'buzzy' towards the last walking lap, but nothing major.

My pace was quicker already, I got farther in my 1st lap. 2nd lap always the hardest & I STILL kept a good pace & ended w/ a healthy 'jog'. Even though oldest said he could power walk faster than I was "jogging". lol I even stepped it up in the very last 10 seconds (of the last lap). The other day I was barely hobbling my way through the last few seconds!

I was SO discouraged Tuesday because my knees were hurting SO bad. I knew it was something about the WAY I was running, my gait or something. It would hurt less when I ran faster. ??? When I woke up yesterday, no more pain & I planned to run...but never 'got around to it'. Yesterday was not a very 'together' day. :(

I know I need a good pair of real running shoes too....but until then.....oldest ds suggested I wear 2 pairs of socks for more cushion. I have to say, that was a very GOOD idea. It seemed to help. WHatever it was, today was a GOOD day.

YAY ME! I feel so great & encouraged. :D


  1. Hooray!! I'm so proud from you...I'm cheering you on from across the country!!


    :-) Susan


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