Monday, January 1, 2007

First day of the Year = First day of Race Training

Ok, I did it. It took all day to get around to it.....we were @ the in-laws. DH & I went out tonight, it was chilly.

I started out ok, felt good, motivated & ready to RUN......for about 5 seconds. HA!

Gasping for air, knee started to feel tweaked, kept up the self talk......

I did it! Finished my FIRST race training.

Did one walking lap around the block to warm up. Then ran 2 minutes (more like a pathetic jog by the end) then walk 4 minutes.

2 minutes of 'running' gets me just around the turn of the block, on ONE side, not all the way around. 4 minutes of walking gets me just to the starting point.

My heart was screaming by the 2nd lap. 3rd was better except for the knee feeling 'funny'. I felt a twinge of emotion on the 4th & 5th lap, thinking about mom. I do miss my 'cheerleader'. Although, if she'd never died, this is one endeavor I'd never taken up. This is soley BECAUSE she died. The LA Cancer Challenge raises $$$ for the Hershberg foundation for Pancreatic Research & that is the race I WILL be running in come October..

I'm trying to stay focused on the 'training' & not how discouraging it seems to compare today to the BIG picture of running a 5k (3.1 mi) @ the end of October. I know it will take time. I am EASILY discouraged & will EASILY give up @ the slightest hint of trouble or resistance.

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  1. Aww, Katy! You can do it!

    I'm glad you posted it, it doesn't make me sound so pathetic. (I'm probably about the same, if not worse!) My weight is fine, but, unfortunately, it's not the same as being "in shape".

    Take hope, though! I do not currently have an exercise routine but back when I was just starting one, I could do about 2 knee pushups. After only a few weeks I could do about 20! Now I could probably only eek out 2 again, but I know that with practice, I can build my stamina and get better.

    SO CAN YOU!!
    rah rah rah


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