Saturday, January 6, 2007

Still improving.

Made sure to get our earlier today.

Ok...back in the game.

1st lap---'run' 2 min. walk 4
2nd lap--'jog' 2 min. 6 sec good pace. walk 4 (felt like I could run more)
3rd lap--jog-2min 30 sec walked 3 min 30 sec
4th- jog 3 min walk 3
5th-jog 3 min walk 3

YAY! I've already increased my time.
I went around MY block @ the's shorter, cause I can run {jog} ALL the way around my block in 3 min. hahahahahahahahaI know 1 minute doesn't seem like much...but when you've NEVER ran........& you're carrying around as much 'junk in your trunk' as I am......

6yo ds went w/ me for lap 2 & 4, he can run faster than me. And when I started walking, he STILL ran. Oldest went along for lap 3 & 5. The jog was nothing for him. While I'm panting for breath when I finish the run & start the walking lap, he's got his hands in his pockets & is sauntering 'coolly' along. :-)

I think this will help me stay sane. I feel like I'm on uppers or something, don't want to sit still anymore. That should be a good thing right?


  1. Way to go, KT!! I'm still rooting for you!


    :-) Susan

  2. KT,
    Just keep on runnin' girl. And let us know when you need that fundrasing support. I wish I could run again...I dream about running on my mountain trails in Arizona, so do a lap for me.



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