Sunday, January 7, 2007

It's suppose to be a challenge right?

I can't find my 'runners log' so gotta keep track here.

Today was definitely a challenge. But I suppose it wouldn't be training if it wasn't right?

Ran 3 min-walk 3 min, 5 times! Whew! Muscles stiff & tired from the start.

I did go to be extremely late last night/this morning & I didn't eat or have my protein shake before I went out PLUS it was HOT! All those things add up.

BUT I DID it. Steady jog pace till the end. Slower but ok. Knee felt tweaked on the last run/jog lap but I know it's cause I was dragging.

L decided to throw a complete tantrum while I was making my rounds. Screaming & everything. I think her negative energy wore on me too. She tried to slam the door on her older brother & when he took her to her room (per my instructions as I ran past) she decided to throw EVERYTHING off of her bed & was still cry-screaming when I was all finished & got back.

Sometimes I just don't know about that girl. I did NOT let her come out of her room UNTIL she had replaced EVERYTHING back on her bed. She did come to me to hug me & hang on me. Ok fine. But she STILL needed to replace everything back neatly on her bed. Then afterwards, apologize to her brother.

{sigh} I certainly don't feel like I am on uppers today. lol

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  1. It's hard when they get CRANKY, isn't it??? Hopefully she's over it now and all is quiet again. Have a GREAT week...and keep pressing on!!




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