Thursday, January 25, 2007

What a challenge!

Going steady sets the pace,
Staying steady wins the race!

This is what I kept telling myself the other night!

So far I've been running 5min, 5mph, walking 1 min, 3.5 mph, 5 times! Plus warm up & cool down laps! It takes me over 40 min & I am dripping in sweat by the time I am done & my heart rate averages about 170 while running.

Normally, I tell myself starting is the hardest part---of anything! But sometimes finishing really is the hardest part! That last lap really gets to me & it almost takes everything I have in me to just keep going. Today would be my 'increase' day....I'm sure I can't do it (I know, 'think positive')...but what I might do instead is run as far & as long as I can, walk then continue. lol I still haven't hit 5k yet (3.1 miles) but I am close. I could if I just throw in an extra lap I would.

I never found my runners log so I do not know what the next 'step' really is.....I think it's just running 20 min. straight...& then you continue to do that each time & eventually you will be fast enough to fit in 3k? lol I think that is how it works.

The back of my knee has been hurting...I can still run though. But it does make for a handy excuse to take the night off. {rolling my eyes} I am hoping the breaks will help it heal. It's a wierd pain/strain or depends how I bend my knee. It's like a line going down the back of my knee.

I keep thinking the more I run, the better I will feel, my body will get used to it. It seems though, that every time I run, I have a NEW pain somewhere! lol Nothing serious so far though so that's good.

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