Friday, January 26, 2007

Got 5 minutes?

As a "Family Home Manager" (snappy title for 'Mom'! lol) I have had a LOT of learning to do over the years in the 'managing' department. The 'mommy' part came easy.

Here is ONE little trick I have learned (I'm sure some of you better managers out there probably already know this.) It's the value of 5 min.

I'm not talking about the big 'multi-tasking', although I am a fan of that too. I am referring to a real time frame of 5 min & focusing all your energy to ONE task for a full 5min.

For example, many times I am waiting for someone to arrive, lets say, so we can make a quick trip to the ribbon store (one of my most favorite places) & then I'm off. Well, sure we are leaving in 5 min so I can't start any big project....or I'm 'on my way out the door' & I'm doing a quick brush of the teeth or hair.

Well, while I am IN the bathroom, I can certainly wipe down a sink. Isn't that tooth paste dribble annoying?

Pick up all the laundry lying next to the hamper & put it IN the hamper.
Toss a load of laundry IN the washer.
Transfer a load of laundry from the washer to the dryer.
I can sweep my front room.
I can clear a table or counter.
I can declutter the mail drop off table.
I can make a bed.
I can do a 10 second tidy of the living room.
I can put clean dishes away.
I can put a stack of clean & folded t-shirts in the drawer.
I can fill a bag w/ miscellaneous, tossable clutter.
I can put the ironing board & iron away.
I can sweep the porch.

Get it?

Most of these can be accomplished right before you 'run out the door'. Take back your time. It is your time, make the most of it. :) And anyways, it's only 5 min! lol


  1. Yeppers! I am definitely learninig that these days!

  2. Or tell the kids to do it :-)

  3. Great post, kt!! You're's all about focus.

    :-) Susan

  4. So true, KT...I'm a big fan of five-minutes myself, but it always turns into ten or more, LOL!


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