Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Here is a nice list of various objections/thoughts in my head I have to overcome every time I RUN:

1. there's something stuck in my tooth.
2. my sock feels funny.
3. my boobs are crooked.
4. my sports bra has a kink in it.
5. I forgot to put vaseline on my lips.
6. it's too hot.
7. it's too cold.
8. my left knee hurts.
9. both my knees hurt.
10. my side aches.
11. this is stupid.
12. no one cares if I run.
13. I'm taking time away from my kids.
14. I'm too tired.
15. I'm breathing too hard.
16. I'm not running right.
17. I could go faster if I walked.
18. I can't do this.
19. I'll never be able to run long enough.
20. I'm thirsty.

Pretty random hanh? Everyday we are faced w/ a million negative thoughts & objections to overcome to do what ever it is we do. It is EASY to think of ALL the reasons we shoudl NOT be doing what we set out to do. Many of the reasons are lame----> as shown above. lol Some are real. SO what?

I read an interview w/ Will Smith recently. He said something like: the majority of people will ONLY give 87% & if you give 101%, you will ALWAYS beat them. BUT if you do as the majority, you will NEVER win. I thought it was rather inspiring & sounded very true.

It's very easy to 'give up'. There are a million GOOD reasons to 'give up'. It only takes ONE better reason to NOT give up. I have way more reasons to NOT run than I do to keep running. But I found what was important to ME.

The reason that keeps me running.
1. for the feeling I will feel when I am done & I record, online or on my calender, what I accomplished that day.

Pretty much that's it. I keep @ it, just so I can SAY that I kept @ it.

Sure I want to run that race in Oct., but I don't even want to win (but that might change lol). Wanting to run that race 9 mos away does not keep me going though. It's the every day I have to contend w/.

For some the 'big picture' is the ultimate goal but it's all those steps in between, all those brush strokes that make up the big picture, that need motivating. kwim?

That's how it works for me anyway. ;)

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  1. Great reminder, kt!! We all need to learn the art of "pressing on" when it's tough and when the excuses come.

    Happy Valentine's Day and thanks for the card. I had fun doing that.

    :-) Susan


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