Monday, February 12, 2007

Quikscience Challenge

Remember I mentioned oldest ds was involved in another project?

Maybe you don't? lol Anyway, this time it was a science project team, for a contest sponsored by the surf clothing company Quiksilver. The meetings are over (yay!), the project is done & it's now up to the judges to decide..... can check out thier website, designed, built & created by the TEAM of STUDENTS! YAY! Minimal parental involvement....seriously, ok so we did the 'driving' to & fro, trasported the team to meetings & 'funded' most of the project but NOT all....inspired the project itself, some of the 'students' have learned the value of 'recycling' & use the proceeds to fund the website.

See for yourself------>

The main project challenge was to create a science lesson plan for younger grades. The winning team gets a trip to the British Virgin Isle & the 2nd place team wins a trip to Catalina to the marine institute or something like that.

It's been a very cool experience from my POV. The team members were great, most of the same students from the Lego League. The volunteer/community service opportunity was neat too.

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  1. How cool!! I think it's neat that you've helped facilitate this opportunity for your son.

    :-) Blessings.



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