Friday, February 23, 2007

I REALLY did it this time!


Straight through w/o stopping. It took me just under 42 minutes. As I bent down to put the leash on the dog to do my cool down lap, I accidently hit the timer button on my phone & erased the time! I was so...aaarrrggghhh-ed! cause I was looking forward to posting my time & all. lol

I started out stating I'd do an 'increase day' & run 2 laps (2.2 mi) straight w/o stopping....but as I turned the corner (literally) @ about 1.5 miles, I suddenly felt better & easy & thought, hey why not do the whole 3 laps? It must've been a second wind cause I was not feeling that good just prior nor @ the 2.5 mi mark. lol

I truly never thought I'd get to this point. I hoped, but I was skeptical. I can distinctly remember my first night of 'training' where the plan was to run 2 min/walk 4min 5 times. I could BARELY get through that first 2 minutes. NOW I just ran/jogged almost 42 minutes! :D

I've never stuck w/ anything this long before (about 2 mos) besides my marriage & being a mom. lol I am PROUD of myself. :~O

Now I am seriously thinking I can surely do a 10k by October, right? AND/or maybe I can actually be competitive in the 5k? Who knows? the sky is the limit right?

The whole time all I could think of was my 'victory speech'. Coming home & writing on my blog how "I did it". Mind you this was not even @ the 2 mile mark. lol I thought of how excited I'd be to type out my time & all. I AM excited...but this is not the end. maybe? {eyes twinkling}

Some think I may be 'different', 'special' or even 'inspiring'. (I'll take inspiring ;) ) But I do not have any special power or anything. I am not a super woman or mom. I can't 'do it all' & never claim too. I make an AWFUL 'working mother', if you must know. lol

I am just a girl who misses her mom, really. A mom who DID always tell me I could do ANYTHING, but I never believed her. I still don't. lol I'll tell you a little secret...I ONLY attempt or try new things that I already believe I CAN do. AND I have a nasty little habit of underestimating the difficulty of many projects or new skills I take on. It has served me well though. ;)

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  1. HOORAY!!! What a neat accomplishment. I'm watching your DSs's great. Have a great weekend and keep on running the race.

    :-) Susan


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