Sunday, February 25, 2007

Guess What?

Thursday is the BIG day......when they announce the winners for the Quik Science Challenge...I can hardly wait.

I forgot to mention that the website states the finalists may be requested to come in for a personal team interview w/ the judges, well guess what? YES! The team was called in last week for an interview! That is a good sign that means they are probably finalists! The team is interviewed behind closed doors w/o the parent/teacher/mentor. I love the fact that ds has been involved in projects this year that require him & his team mates to represent themselves independently.

They REALLY enjoyed the process. What stood out in ds mind, (that he chose to share w/ me) was:

1) ALL the judges were female
2) they were very friendly & personable
3) they stated they had seen 'many' websites but ds got the impression that their team's really stood out to the judges.

They also saw another team while they were there, crisply dressed in ties even, but that they looked 'stiff'. Our team was relaxed, a bit 'crumpled' from the long drive, in Hawaiian shirts & t-shirts.

They stopped @ the Science Cetner before hand since the driver/mom smartly wanted to avoid traffic by going early @ a non-peak time. They had a special STAR WARS exhibit. I wish we all could have gone. It took nearkly 1.5 hours for ds to get home. Traffic!

They wanted to go to the Natural History Museum but it costs $$$$. That particular area has quite a few museums in one spot. I wish we lived closer but it's downtown, a bit of a drive & can have major traffic that *I* would never want to drive in by myself. So we have rarely gone.

We did go to a butterfly exhibit once, {an outing planned by my mom} it consisted of a covered outdoor atrium, filled w/ various butterfly species flitting about & then went into the Natural History Museum. It was my mom & dad, both grandma's, the ktbunch, my youngest brother & other brother & his family. It was a nice, memorable visit. I think it might have been for Mother's Day even. My mom thought my grandma would enjoy it. Maybe that was what inspired my mom to release butterflies @ grandma's funeral, which the whole thing ended up taking on a butterfly theme. ;)


  1. That is funny. Ian was at the science museum, checking out the Star Wars exhibit this past Saturday. Jim and Vince went too. It was a scout outing. They really enjoyed it!!

  2. Sooooo...what's the outcome?? :-)


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