Monday, February 5, 2007

Just another Manic Monday!

Lil E is @ his science meeting again today.....I go outside w/ the littles....they have a dog (this is the same hosue S split his head on a stump last week) that is kinda big & friendly, you know the type that think they are still PUPPIES! lol

The mom is kinda nervous about the kids being out there w/ the dog because she is always afraid something might happen...but the ktbunch is used to dogs so NBD. Today I go out there w/ them anyway since S's head incident. lol

The dog starts getting playful & tries to jump on L & knocks her down, it wasn't even forceful, just playful & caught her off guard. L comes to me....NBD...UNTIL I see blood on her hand & there is blood from her EAR! Her earlobe has a gash/'laceration' across the bottom of it. It looks quite fleshy & I am not sure what to do about it but I'm calm, like usual. lolIt's not bleeding THAT much. I call for nurse advice but their 'response time' is 2-2.5 hours! Forget I make an appointment w/ the peds cause the urgent care appointments are not until TONIGHT! Whatever. I go to the doc....(a little late) the receptionist tells me to go straight to urgent car for 'surgical care' says it needs stitches & not to bother seeing a ped. YAY!

We get there (back down stairs) & the receptionist there calls in immediately...I guess they take 'dog incidents' really serious, & we get seen right away!

The 'surgeon' offers 3 choices...says the laceration is about a centimeter & a half nothing= ugly scar/use medical glue= less scar, easy to apply, requires less patient cooperation/ stitches/sutures= better looking scar, more patient cooperation+ injection to numb the ear + L being held down.......He lets me decide while he write out the antibiotic rx. I finally say: ok maybe it's vain, but I want it to look as best as it can so we'll take sutures! (for $400 please! lol that's a joke, it only cost the $5 co-pay) He says if it were HIS kid---he'd choose the SAME thing! WHEW!

It was a bit traumatic......they inject right into the cute in 3 different areas, the top, bottom & middle.....of couse she has lots of tears....they put her in one of those papoose things...I hate those things cause you can't hold your child's hand but they needed her to lie still.
Her ear blew up w/ whatever they injected.....things went ok for awhile then half way through she started crying really hard complaining that it hurt. I don't think the doc believed her but whatever. I just wanted them to get it done ASAP!
My Little Blue Burrito!


  1. Oh no!! My brother called tonight to say they took my nephew in because he dove off the back of his truck onto the cement driveway. He's in ICU with a skull fracture. You know it's never easy when they are hurt...and it's horrible to watch. You just want to trade places with them.

    Blessings to your little one. She'll be in my prayers as she heals.

    :-) Susan


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