Friday, February 2, 2007

out of the loop

My internet is down so I haven't been able to get my regular 'fix'! lol I'm only able to check sporadically from my dad's house....I have alot of *REPRESSED bloggage (that sounds kinda wierd hanh?) in me right now! lol

And I am unable to read everyone else's as much as I prefer for te same reasons....boohoo.

DS (oldest) turned the BIG 14 on Tuesday.......(there's a *repressed blog right there). I felt a bit teary over it...more than when he turned 13! We went to D-land & were "Year of a Million Dreams" winners! We were given a big button & a voucher for a free 5x7 of our choice from the pixthe park photograpehrs take through out the day. You ask them to take your pix & they give you a pass that you ahve each photogrpaher to scan & then you can access & email them online for FREE or have some or all printed @ the park. So we EACH got a voucher & I let the Ktbunch each choose their OWN favorite picture.

It was pretty cool. You can choose cute borders & special things like Mickey or Minnies (or any character) autograph. The 'cast member' helping us was impressed that I let the ktbunch choose their OWN picture. She said many parents choose what THEY want & don't let the kids pick. :(

It's been cold & almost rainy so there was NO ONE there on Tuesday. We literally WALKED onto each ride. It was cool. We also transferred my mom's pass to my brother. Tey 'cast members' when we went to do that were quite confused about what to do, even though there was a note on file & I ahdspoken to someone on the phone & knew it was ok. THey ahd to call 3 different 'managers' before they did it. They kept her pass & ti made me teary. I figured tey would so I took a picture of it....I would have liked to keep it for sentimental value of course & for our Disney scrapbook that I will finish someday. lol

As they were all confused & they thought it was MY pass that I was tranferring to my brother & I explained NO, it was my mom's & she DIED! Then they were a bit nicer & one manager actually offered her condolence. I'm sure it's not a situation they encounter very often.

We are actually going to pursue the Highschool of the Arts for DS for next year. There is some frustration w/ the current school situation & paperwork....arrrgggghhhhh (another *repressed blog) but whatever.

I am nervous he WILL get in & I am nervous he WON'T! The mama bear syndrome, I think. lol
He wants to only apply for the Visual Arts (drawing, painting, ceramics ect) conservatory but Dh (& I agree) thinks he should apply for the Integrated Arts Conservatory as well. That one includes acting, visual arts, film ect as opposed to JUST visual arts. Most students apply fr 2, since spaces are limited so it is a good thing to do anyway. I want him to be accepted where HE wants but as a parent, @ the same time, I do not want him to be limited either. He IS talented in acting too...but he states & I can see, that is 'passion' is visual arts: ie: drawing & painting. That IS what he does in his spare time. (when he is not playing video games! lol)

Last Sunday, ds (oldest) science team volunteered @ the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium for the Annual Whale Fiesta. It was fabulous! (*repressed blog). THe aquarium itself is marvelous. They ahd lots of free crafts for the kiddos & tons of educational information. We saw lots of wonderful sea creatures & although it was a long tiring was worth it! And the aquarium even called the next day to THANK the kids for volunteering. The majority of the kids on the science team are the same from teh Lego LEague team. They are GREAT kids. I am so glad E (oldest ds) has had these opportunities to work w/ them & be involved in these teams & comunity service.

There are so many words & so little internet usage time! lol Check back soon (I hope) for all *repressed blogs to be expanded upon! lol ;)

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