Thursday, March 29, 2007

About that guitar....

Well, it's NOT collecting dust, I will say that. lol

Due to some broken string issues (everytime I tried to have someone tune it for me, they inadvertedly broke a string, then when I finally bought 1, I was given the wrong one, then replaced it & a different string broke, DH was gracious enough to just buy a complete set of strings) sat there for a while, lonely & neglected.

I finally got it tuned a couple weeks ago.
AND I got some good books from the library....I am not prideful, I went straight to the CHILDREN'S learn-to-play-guitar books. I figured if it's made for a child to learn from, then I should have NO problem.

I also checked out a few 'adult programs' & boy were they ever comp-li-cate-ed! Seriously. SO I'm sticking w/ the kids books till I know how to play. lol

I know I"m doing something right cause my fingertips are sore. YAY! I can actually follow along & play a couple children's songs, none I've ever heard before, but whatever.

I can sort-of play Yankee Doodle & When the Saints Go Marching In, if you sing it really slow & don't mind a few stops & starts. lol Not from memory though, but by looking in the book. But hey, a song is a song.

I always believed music brings people together & that was one of the reasons I wanted to learn guitar. I fantasized of singing around beach bonfires, singing around back yard bonfires, campsite bonfires or in the living room w/ the ktbunch. (I'm not sure why bonfires are always involved. lol)

Well, guess what...I was RIGHT. As soon as I started playing yesterday.....1st L came from the other room to watch & eventually start singing w/ me the 1st little song I learned. It wasn't long before S came to check things out & we were all singing together.

I was encouraged & inspired. I can't wait to learn more. :D


  1. How exciting!! Keep practicing. I know that it's hard, but I also know you CAN do it. I love the fact that my DH and all my kids play. I just wish we'd sit around a bon fire and sing..that's my idea of fun!

    :-) Susan

  2. That's so cool! My guitar needs the dust wiped off of it. You've inspired me to pick it back up again!


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