Tuesday, March 27, 2007

First Audition Review

WHEW! 1 hurdle down.

We get there & the place is MANIC w/ Highschool energy...it brought me back to earth a bit...even though this IS an "art school" it's STILL a PUBLIC HIGHSCHOOL! kwim? Which of course I am NOT used to being around, besides the kids @ church....so there are lots of giggling & obnoxious GIRLS! haha. & quite a few 'punks': ie: lots of thick black eyeliner, bleached or dyed hair in unnatural colors, purposely ripped & torn black jeans ect. lol Everyone trying to be 'different' in some way. But I couldn't figure out WHICH conservatory these students may belong too...kwim? Music maybe? or visual arts, or maybe film & television....I doubted the ballet dancers would have hot pink hair....but you never know.

We go in the lobby & you can TOTALLY tell WHO the auditioners are....they ALL look CLEAN CUT! lololol Some have GIANT portfolios! ugh! Some of them, the PARENTS are holding thier artwork. Ernie had his in a manila folder, not too large & a compostion book w/ sketches.

There is a sign that says just wait & someone will take the 3:45 group up as a whole. It's crowded, between current students running all over, being extra loud AND intimidating.

A few took notice of DS shirt. ({I made it, it says: Make Art Not War, & I LOVE it} As we were waiting to get on the elevator (students are NOT allowed to use it during school hours, but this was after school) a GIRL noticed it & made a point (loudly) to let DS know she noticed by reading it out loud & commenting how it was cool.

THEN we get ON the elevator & a different current student says: "I don't like new students cause they take up space on the elevator." Nice! {eyeroll} The girl escorting us...had NO idea how to respond....then it was quiet & DS says: THIS is cozy! (ahhh! That's my witty boy!) we were practically packed in there like sardines. THEN another boy says: your shirt is cozy. Like in an "it's cool" kinda way. lol

So we get up there, the art teacher/director takes their artwork/portfolio & places another thick folder filled w/ papers on top & puts them in one room & directs the students into another room to draw.

DS said everyone was just QUIET! He was 2nd in the line & the girl in front of him, when he got in there, was just standing in there as if she didn't know what to do. As the rest of the students filed in (parents were instructed to return around 5:20, so I gave E a hi-five & said goodluck, as he turned in his portfolio) & sat down it was all quiet so DS finally asks the guy next to him what he likes to draw......he answered hands & architecture....then gave off the signal that he didn't want to talk anymore. (it was the cozy shirt guy)

They had to draw their hand, a shell, then choose 3 items together to draw, he chose an apple & 2 shells. THE bummer part was that there was no real 'interview', just draw & the teachers reviewed their portfolios. Not much interaction to get to know the prospective students.......Ds said he felt good about it, thinks he didn't do to well on the hand (too skinny pinky. lol) & he said he saw a few other students that he said drew WAY better than him....so we'll see.

BUT like in performing arts as well....there is usually a higher ratio of females to male, thus creating LESS competition for the males than for the girls....so this may also be the case here. It may be in DS favor.

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  1. What a neat experience for him!!!
    Can't wait to hear about the next audtion!


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