Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Application has been SENT!

Oldest ds application for an Art Highschool. You must 1st apply, then audition & then if there is space in the conservatory you want, you get it....maybe.

In the 'home-educating world', I feel like a total sell-out. Way back when ds was in kinder & people always asked how long we would 'home-school' I always answered as long as possible & then they asked if I was going to hs through high school & I said sure. I wasn't worried about it.

And now here we are.

I've thought about it...alot. I've prayed about it. DH too, not just me.

DS does have a passion AND talent for drawing & watercolors. (although he says he doesn't like watercolors that much but he's good @ it. lol) He's also very talented @ acting & improv BUT it's not his 'passion'. I can teach him to act & improvise, which I have.

But I cannot offer him anything in the 'drawing' area. DH can draw.....

We think this will offer him opportunites that we/I can't. He may not get in....we are praying that God's will, will determine.

I also look @ it as: if this will help him, in his long term future, to be able to get a job doing something that he LOVES, that can support his family....then I want to be able to offer him that. I think many men (& women) are stuck in jobs that are simply J.O.B.'s to pay bills. But if he can support his family doing something he will be so much better for him & his family, less stress, ect. kwim?

I don't want to feel guilty about that. I know 'outside' school is not for everyone...I do believe homeschool is BEST, but trust every parent to parent & educate THIER child in the way THEY see fit. And that is what we are doing here. Unfortuneatley, as a HS, this is not always an 'acceptable' option in the HS community, which is why there is that part of me that feels like a 'sell-out'.

I tell ya', us mom's get so much pressure in every direction, sometimes there is NO choice we can make that does not come w/ out guilt. lol

AND it's not like we can't change our minds. kwim? If it turns out this is NOT a right fit for be it. :-)

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  1. You are NOT, I repeat, NOT a sell out! NO GUILT.

    EVERY parent home-educates--character, faith,'s just how-much "sub-contracting" you do every year with public schools, private schools, etc that varies!

    We have a motto here (0ver 6 years of collective h/s now; one of charter in AZ). "Every year. Every child. PRAYERFULLY CONSIDER what GOD wants for their education!!".

    Keep the faith!


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